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Farm Friday Everdale Farm

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Everdale Farm Erin Ontario

Everdale was established in 1998 as a local not-for-profit outside Hillsburgh. For those unfamiliar with who they are, this organization aims to grow food for the food insecure, teach young minds about food and farming, and help train future farmers. During the last growing season, Everdale gave us a generous offer to grow almost .25 acres for the Orangeville Food Bank, funded by the Dufferin County Community Fund, and we said yes!

With a brief break in the weather, I headed out to tour their facility, which did not disappoint. First, I saw how they clean and overwinter fresh produce so they can share with food programs like ours throughout the seasons. Then, I had a quick tour of the greenhouse, where I learned that they use livestock to help maintain soil quality. Finally, after a quick chat about how they could better support the food bank, I was returning with a greater understanding of how we could help strengthen our relationship and make the most of this partnership.

If you are interested in supporting their programs, you can do so by joining their Harvest Share Program and purchasing food grown on-site. All profits go back into their programs to help food agencies provide nutritious options to those accessing services and support further educational opportunities for all ages.

If you want to learn more about Everdale, follow the link below.

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