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Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

We are excited to welcome you as a volunteer with the Dufferin Foodshare! There are a variety of ways to volunteer at the Food Bank and we believe there is an opportunity for everyone. Each volunteer role has its own requirements and commitments, but they all support our mission of “Caring for Community”.

The Food Bank relies on the incredible dedication of over 200+  volunteers. Our volunteers play a critical role in the food bank’s success, generously contributing thousands of hours each year.

They come together in various capacities, from collecting food donations within the community, to sorting and stocking shelves, to serving our valued clients and delivering food to those who lack access. Without these selfless individuals, the food bank simply wouldn’t be able to operate as smoothly as it does.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering commitment to this noble cause and for generously giving their time to help us achieve our vision of creating  ‘A Well Feed Community ’.

If you’re eager to join our extraordinary team of volunteers and can commit to a once-a-week 4 hour shift then read on…….

Interested In Joining?

  • Okay, What’s next you ask?
    When we take on new volunteers here at the Foodbank, a lot of people are surprised by the processes, but don’t let that discourage you. Steps: Send our volunteer coordinator an email with your request. Individuals 15 years of age and older can apply. No previous experience required . You can reach Lori Robertshaw at Please tell her a bit about yourself, and what your motivation is to become a volunteer, and what your availability looks like. Are you retired or a student? Do you require any accommodations? If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to attend a special (small group) candidate tour where you will learn more about the opportunities and ways you can help. An application form is to be completed. 2 references are required. In person interview will be set up with our volunteer coordinator. Orientation and police check will be discussed. Training: we provide on the job training. Training/shadowing with an experienced volunteer or staff is arranged. Placement. If appropriate, a regular weekly shift is assigned. Please note, the entire process can take up to three months, police checks requiring the most time to complete.
  • I submitted an email about volunteering and didn’t hear back. When will I be contacted?
    We are so fortunate and receive a high number of email requests to volunteer. If you sent in an email and did not receive a reply within 2 weeks, please check your spam folder, and if you have not received any reply then contact Lori at the Foodbank by phone.
  • Do you have short term opportunities available?
    We do not have any “pop in” opportunities. We are asking for a minimum of 3 months commitment. (60 hours) Please read the processes on how to get started to learn why.
  • How long does the application process take?
    Please note, the entire process can take up to three months. Reference checking, immunization records and the police checks requiring the most time to complete.
  • I have a rotating schedule. Can I volunteer on my own time?
    No. Our in-house volunteers are committed to a fixed schedule to ensure we are able to provide the best service possible.
  • Are there special events I can help with?
    Yes, thanks for asking. We have a few annual special events that take place periodically and seasonally. Food drives, fund raisers, community sorting events. Watch our website and our media page for all the details. *these are all scheduled in advance and not pop in opportunities.
  • What are some of your volunteer opportunities?
    Check out just some of our volunteer opportunities: Concierge: Client Service role - Shopping area: (customer relations skills, high energy, fast paced, lift 25lbs, standing for 3 hours) Shopping area: carry out support ( able to life 40lbs. And standing for long periods of time) Intake - Client Service role - client relations, update client profiles (empathy, computer and customer relations) Warehouse: receiving donated food, stocking, sorting, organizing walk in freezers/ fridge. Supporting the loading dock area. (Manual labour with a flair for organizing) Sorting: Warehouse role - checking expiry dates on food products, quality control, boxing and lifting. (must be able to read, and lift 40lbs standing for long periods of time) Home Delivery Packing: Assist with preparing food boxes for client home delivery, distribution.(must be able to lift 25 lbs) Packing Boxes: filling orders in boxes for our OFB market, our seniors markets, and our other food partners. Food Recovery - Recover donated items from local grocery stores (Clean driving abstract, comfortable driving large van, ability to lift 50+lbs) Kitchen Helpers: assist Chef preparing food and packaging food. Breakdown of large quantity of food items into equal portions. (Comfortable with cooking utensils, and standing for long periods of time) Garden Volunteer: picking, weeding, planting, watering outside (our community gardens are close by) General duties: cleaning, cardboard corralling, and so much more. As you can see, some of our positions require specific skills and interest but there is a wide variety of options and as a team we can make magic together.
  • Once recruited, Can I volunteer in more than one service area?
    Yes. Some of our long time volunteers hold positions in several areas of the Foodbank. We want to ensure your experience is a great experience for you and your teammates.
  • How long do I need to commit to be a volunteer?
    A minimum of 3 months due to the on-boarding processes. But we think you will love it here, since many of our volunteers have been here 5 or more years.
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